I'm a freelance illustrator living in Seattle. I share my home studio space with three adorable and demanding dogs and my engineer husband.

Following a childhood love of gaming and a passion for art I received my Bachelor's degree in video game design in 2008. Finding 2D art more of a calling, I settled into a 5 year stint as an in-house illustrator for the design company Lantern Press. During my time there I created about 700 posters, tackling projects for the likes of Urban Outfitters, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and the EMP Science Fiction Museum (now MoPOP). After a temporary relocation to California for my husband's work, I moved on to freelancing as an illustrator full time.

Freelance clients include Hi-Rez Studios, ImagineFX Magazine (Future Publishing), and Cryptoart.

Publications -  Infected by Art Vol. 3
                         Infected by Art Vol. 4
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #110 - Images featured in Myths and Legends article.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #127 - FXPosé Artist of the Month Feature.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #134 - Q&A Tutorial Content. 
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #137 - Q&A Tutorial Content.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #138 - Q&A Tutorial Content.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #139 - 14 Step Workshop.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #147 - Q&A Tutorial Content.
                         Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis - Cover Art.

Galleries -        Tr!ckster Gallery - Berkeley, CA - Tiny Treasures Show
                          Light Grey Art Lab - Minneapolis, MN - Midnight Exhibition
                          Every Day Original