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I'm a freelance illustrator living in Seattle.

Following a childhood love of gaming and a passion for art I received my Bachelor's degree in video game design in 2008. Finding 2D art more of a calling, I settled into a 5 year stint as an in-house illustrator for the design company Lantern Press. During my time there I created about 700 posters, tackling projects for the likes of Urban Outfitters, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and the EMP Science Fiction Museum (now MoPOP). I now focus more on art for games as well as personal pursuits creating art that blends illustration with aspects of design from my prior experience creating poster art.

Freelance clients include Valve, Wizards of the Coast, Hi-Rez Studios, and ImagineFX Magazine (Future Publishing).

Publications -  Spectrum 25
                         Infected by Art Vol. 3
                         Infected by Art Vol. 4
                         Infected by Art Vol. 5
                         Infected by Art Vol. 6 - Honorable Mention in Digital Category
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #110 - Images featured in Myths and Legends article.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #127 - FXPosé Artist of the Month Feature.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #134 - Q&A Tutorial Content. 
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #137 - Q&A Tutorial Content.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #138 - Q&A Tutorial Content.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #139 - 14 Step Workshop.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #147 - Q&A Tutorial Content.
                         ImagineFX Magazine - #162 - 3D Software Article Interview.
                         Firestarter Community Magazine Issue #4
                         Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis - Cover Art.
                         Canterbury Classics - H.P. Lovecraft Classic Tales of Horror - Cover Art.

Galleries -        Tr!ckster Gallery - Berkeley, CA - Tiny Treasures Show
                          Light Grey Art Lab - Minneapolis, MN - Midnight Exhibition
                          Every Day Original
                          Ghost Gallery - Seattle, WA - The Art of the Tarot II, Annual Holiday Mini Exhibit 2017
                          Tectonic Space - Baltimore, MD - We Interrupt This Program
                          Statix - Seattle, WA - Lunar Forces